November 25, 2014

Corner Cabinet: Before & After

I was bringing my daughter home from school when I saw this piece of furniture on the curb. 

The back leg was missing and the side was broken and stuffed inside the cabinet. I knew my husband could fix it and I knew I could paint it and make it usable!
I wish I would have taken pictures of the back.

I posted a picture of my find on my Facebook page and a sweet lady named Sarah had been looking for something just like this for her dining room. 
She loved the posh red w/black glaze pieces I've done in the past so that's the look we went with!

Here is a side-by-side.
Sarah's going to get this gorgeous red cabinet just in time for hosting Thanksgiving!

I used posh red by valspar, lightly distressed and glazed. 
It was sealed with wax and the top was sanded and re-stained.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. very nice! I like the warm wood tone with the red paint. very pretty!

  2. Wow! What a difference. I saw a similar piece at Home Goods and it was by no means an antique--price tag, $329!

  3. I love what you did here and I am refinishing our island like this. My wife wants it to be red like this but I am completely new to this type of finishing so I apologize for all of the questions.

    What glaze did you use? Did you already know how to do this or did you follow some guide (can you share the guide if you followed one)?.

    Any other tips you could share to accomplish this would be great, such as do you paint red, distress, then glaze the whole thing or just the distressed parts?

  4. wow what an amazing transformation! very talented...

  5. You've done an excellent job I have to say, it looks truly good as new! Goes to show you shouldn't ignore furniture abandoned on the curb!

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